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This year, we celebrate 10 years of having a Bijouled shop! One of the very first brands we stocked and worked with, were Azuni of London. Ten years later, our relationship with them has continued to grow. We caught up with them recently, to discover more about the brand and what it’s like to work with us!

How did your working relationship with Bijouled and Georgina first come about?

We had a call from Georgina and Nev, who were on the cusp of opening their first shop in Sowerby Bridge. They turned up in our offices at the time, a small mews house in Ealing, and Georgina told us something of her history, with silvermithing roots in the family  and her wish to pursue retailing as a profession.

How has Azuni’s working relationship with Bijouled /Georgina evolved over the past ten years?

When Georgina first bought from us, our product line was predominately Sterling Silver, which suited the nature of the shop they were to open. Since then we have run a number of different collections, and as time has gone on, we have a relationship which in business terms is now quite long standing. Georgina has built the reputation (and sales) of the Harrogate shop very successfully, and when we launched our point of sale pack, she was the first customer I thought of.

How has Azuni jewellery evolved over the past 10 years? 

Here we have tried to build the Azuni brand by offering on-trend, different product, to what’s available from other suppliers. We do follow the same general time line, but we have over 200 European customers who buy very differently to those we have in the UK. Looking forward to next year, we have the greatest ever number of product launches planned for January, with 5 new collections which we hope will sustain the brand through 2016 and beyond.

Sum up Azuni in three words…

Quality, family, unpredictable.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

The variable nature of every day, the customers we have and determining one’s own future.

What is the hardest/least enjoyable aspect of your job?

The unpredictability of retail and juggling lots of priorities, although these can also be highlights!

Sum up Bijouled in three words: 

Organised, progressive, astute

Favourite famous person you have worked with and why?

Emmanuel Ungaro, our first major overseas client and a fashion legend.

What impact has the the Duchess of Cambridge had on the Azuni brand?

Let’s just say her support for British fashion has helped many smaller companies achieve visibility through her patronage. I think she does a sterling job.


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