About Us

Bijouled's owner, Georgina, grew up surrounded by jewellery. Her father, Joseph David Porter, who sadly died in 1990, was an award-winning jewellery designer and manufacturer based in Manchester. His factory was based in the city centre, on Fennel Street, now home to the Triangle shopping centre. Such was his reputation, Georgina's father was often commissioned to make jewellery items for the celebrities of the time, including the famous Coronation street actress Pat Phoenix as well as Manchester United football players. But this was not the only influence behind Georgina's love of all things sparkly. Her grandmother, Ina, had an addiction for anything that glittered and so Georgina spent many years with her grandmother staring at chandeliers and searching round market stalls to make Ina's dressing table even more of an object of fascination.

It took twenty years of being in education and training however, before Georgina married her passion for jewellery with a career. Tired of not being able to easily buy jewellery and accessories advertised in magazines, as they were predominantly London-based, Georgina formed Bijouled to bring shopping closer to home. At first Georgina decided to test out the market for designer jewellery and accessories by selling privately and through the Internet and jewellery parties. However, it took a major car accident for Georgina to decide it was now or never to follow her dream. After six months off work, Georgina decided to leave her full-time job. She opened her first shop in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, in November 2005. She has now consolidated her business in the Harrogate shop, which opened in March 2008.

A lot of people ask about the name Bijouled. Georgina thought it would be apt as not only is it a play on the word bejewelled, but bijou means jewel in French and chic or precious in English. And this is certainly what the shop is about. If you visit Bijouled you’ll find a seamless mix of contemporary and vintage styles. Georgina specialises in selling unusual, design-led jewellery, clothes, bags, belts, gifts and accessories from a combination of the most coveted, unusual and celebrated national and international designers – a mix you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the country. The whole shopping experience at Bijouled is designed to make you feel that you are somewhere special and unique. With the shop walls painted with flowers and bejewelled dragonflies by renowned artist Angela Smyth, there's plenty to look at and capture your imagination within a totally relaxing environment. And the centrepiece of the shop? A chandelier in memory of Ina...