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Bijouled says goodbye to Georgina

So some big news…..I am retiring from Bijouled and passing the business onto the ownership of Tracey Jones who has worked with us since last November. Tracey will take over Bijouled with her husband, Chris, on the 2nd of September after I have done the Autumn window with Nev. My last window for Bijouled!! I was not sure how to say goodbye but asked my close friend and business partner, designer Clare Jordan, to do an interview with me. So we sat down and here it is… Celebrating your promotion... Read More

Our new website!

We’ve been busy bees creating our new website. It’s our fifth website since the birth of Bijouled and so we hope you like it as much as we do! It is a lot wider on the screen, accessible across a variety of platforms and the product images look fabulous. Hope you also find it easy to use. If you have any feedback, just email it to In the meantime, happy online shopping!

A blog from the heart..

Many years ago – scarily over thirty years ago – I once had to take an oral exam where I was asked the question, “Are you a person whose heart rules your head or whose head rules your heart?” I still think about my answer to this question and often reflect about situations over the years where I might have been better putting my head or my heart first. Or was there a better balance? So here comes the blog… The last three months since our most recent blog have... Read More

Bring me sunshine

It’s been a strange few months and of course we need to talk about the weather! Being in retail when all goes wrong with the weather can cause havoc to sales. And what a year for the weather it has been. The bad weather has seemed to go on forever and we had an early Easter when it was still feeling like winter. Understandably during wet, cold, windy and snowy spells many people don’t want to come out shopping or feel like travelling for a day out. And when they... Read More

Celebrating ten years in Harrogate

Ten and a half years ago I found myself pounding the streets of Harrogate town centre. The lease was coming to an end on our lovely shop in Sowerby Bridge and we had made a plan in line with Nev’s early retirement from college, to move lock, stock and barrel from West Yorkshire to North Yorkshire. I had lived here before in the nineties but it felt very different coming back to find a space for a business as well as a new home. I had made an appointment to... Read More

New Year reflections

New Year reflections It’s the middle of February and we’re taking a few days break… it’s always good to do this at the start of the year as it’s a time to look back and a time to look forward… So what’s the view from planet Bijouled at the start of the year? Well firstly we’ve had an unusual and extraordinary start following the Channel 5 programme: Harrogate: a great Yorkshire Christmas. Hundreds of visitors came to take a look at the shop and visit Harrogate and the other shops... Read More

Being on television: the good, the bad and the ugly

Being on television: the good, the bad and the ugly So it’s all over… or is it? We were featured on the Channel 5 programme “Harrogate: a great Yorkshire Christmas” over two nights in December and were seen by millions winning the best Christmas shop window competition in Harrogate. Lots of people ask what was it like? Well here is our experience over the last few months. The good, the bad and the ugly…. It’s got to be all good hasn’t it? All publicity is good publicity and you can’t... Read More

So what have we been up to?

Apologies for the gap in our blog…it’s not that we haven’t been working..honest! Christmas has been on our mind since the summer and has rather taken over our lives! We’ve been preparing our Christmas shop window since August as we decided to enter the Harrogate Christmas window shop competition this year to celebrate 10 years of being in Harrogate. In collaboration with the designer Clare Jordan we have now finally succeeded in installing the windows – it’s been 4 months of hard work but worth it. Follow our journey and... Read More

Bijouled Bite Size: May 2017

The last couple of months has seen our display and jigsaw skills put to the test with all our new arrivals! We have been inundated with box after box of all our jewellery designer’s Summer/Spring collections and thankfully they have all just managed to find homes around the shop. In bright colours and wonderful new designs, they really haven’t disappointed and they’ve flown off the shelves! We’ve also had some exciting events in Harrogate – the Tour de Yorkshire finishing in the centre of the town.. Allowing us a great... Read More

Bijouled Bite size: March 2017

To celebrate our 9th Birthday, we’ve interviewed Bijouled’s owner and director to find out more about the shop and the creative brains behind it! Where did your love of jewellery first come from? I grew up surrounded by jewellery as my father was a jewellery designer and manufacturer. I was fascinated by the process of a design growing from one of his many sketchbook illustrations to the final product. My father created many bespoke designs, including many engagement and wedding rings, and so I loved the time when he would... Read More