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ackie Brazil is a worldwide jewellery brand. Having formerly distributed Sobral jewellery, Jackie Brazil has now moved on to create its own range of resin jewellery full of the same colour, bold, contemporary design and vibrancy and of the utmost high quality. All Jackie Brazil resin jewellery is made by hand in Brazil under strict fair trade conditions.

Please find below official information from Jackie Brazil that you might find useful:

"All Jackie Brazil jewellery is made out of polyester resin, an alcohol derivative. Alcohol comes from sugar cane farms. We use this sustainable raw material that can be completely recycled. Resin in its primary stages is a clear liquid. We start our process by researching the messages we want to transmit, non-verbal communication. At Jackie Brazil we want the customer to always feel confident, happy, elegant and independent when wearing our jewellery. After identifying the message, we define the shapes and colours that might appeal to our audience. One key element at the early stages in deciding a new collection is our research. We visit art galleries, study relevant artists, follow trends and listen to our customers in order to find the right colours and shapes that will become our jewellery. As an example, for the "Riverstones" collection we followed Kandinsky and Klimt to find the right shapes and colour combinations needed to make a decisive impact. 

At our factory, after selecting the season colours and combinations, we add colourants and pigments to the clear liquid getting the tones and intensities we require. We pour this liquid into moulds to allow the mix to set. Once the resin has set, it is cut, drilled, polished, waxed and assembled in a process that takes a week from start to finish. As each resin cut block is different, the result is each time a unique piece in colour, shape, pattern, and texture. This is the reason behind why each item of resin jewellery created by Jackie Brazil is unique. Every item manufactured by Jackie Brazil is handmade and a one-off piece of art, never to be repeated. 

Jackie Brazil goes even further with his recycling concept by recycling damaged pieces of resin and encapsulating them into other pieces, for example in the shapes and colours of shells, turtles, ivory, and amber. Such profound objects are imitations. Jackie Brazil this way helps to sustain the sources of these natural materials. Resin leftovers that are hardened in the shape of rocks are broken and utilized again.

To keep your JackieBrazil jewellery in perfect condition, avoid knocking it against hard surfaces or exposing it to extreme heat. When treated with love, JackieBrazil jewellery will last for many years. To clean and restore your Jackie Brazil jewellery to its original brilliance, simply rub a small amount of moisturising cream into a cloth and apply it gently to the piece. "