Brick Crystal Ring Grey - 1189


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Full of sophistication, yet maintaining the trademark Danon style, this brick shaped ring is set with a beautiful black diamond grey Swarovski crystal and luxuriously plated with 24kt gold. The ring's band has a subtle, textured finish and is sized. The oblong shaped crystal measures 2.5cm by 0.7cm. Perfect for day time or evening glamour. 

Inside diameter of small ring: 1.8cm; medium ring: 1.9cm; inside diameter of large ring: 2cm.

The Danon company was founded in Tel Aviv in 1976 and has a world-wide reputation for originality and quality. Danon's products are made through a synthesis of ancient methods and state-of-the-art technology. Their jewellery is made out of pewter (tin alloy) or mazak (zinc alloy) and then plated in silver, gold or brass. The collections are adorned with Swarovski crystals, charms, exquisite beads, glass and leather. However, each piece has an identifiable finish that is easily associated with the Danon brand.

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