Duo Hoop Earrings - DUO14-39G


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From Danish designer Mette Scherning, these elegant hoop earrings with double pendants are a stunning combination of leaf green porcelain and a shiny gold plated pendant.

Gold plated Sterling silver · Handmade porcelain
Hoop dia. 1.5 cm · Pendant dia. 1.4 cm

SCHERNING jewellery is made by hand in their own workshops in Copenhagen and Portugal. Each piece of jewellery they make is unique. From the casting, to the decoration and firing of the porcelain each pendant is meticulously crafted by hand. The porcelain pieces are cast in their specialised moulds, where they harden before heading to the kiln. Each piece is fired a total of three times, with numerous quality inspections and care given to every single piece. Before the third and final firing the pieces are decorated by hand. Each piece is handled countless times before the porcelain pedant is ready to become part of a unique piece of Scherning jewellery.

All of the SCHERNING porcelain is made by hand in quaint Ansiäo, located between Lisbon and Porto in Portugal. 

All jewellery from SCHERNING is exclusively made using Sterling silver and is stamped with ’925’ indicating its purity.

SCHERNING's gold plated jewellery is made of Sterling Silver plated with 22K gold. 

SCHERNING pride themselves on the high quality of their design and craftsmanship.

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