Jackie Brazil

Short multi bead Indiana necklace (red)


Only 2 pieces in stock!

Forming part of the Indiana range, this striking necklace from Jackie Brazil features a variety of differently shaped and sized resin beads in predominantly red tones. The necklace fastens with a bead through a loop and measures approximately 70cm from end to end. The largest bead measures approximately 5cm. Please note that each necklace made is different and will vary in terms of beads used - but they are all equally stunning!

Jackie Brazil is a worldwide jewellery brand. Having formerly distributed Sobral jewellery, Jackie Brazil has now moved on to create its own range of resin jewellery full of the same colour, bold, contemporary design and vibrancy and of the utmost high quality. All Jackie Brazil resin jewellery is made by hand in Brazil under strict fair trade conditions.

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